Eutropin (Human Growth Hormone) [1 vial of 4iu]

Growth Hormones (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) causes muscle growth, impeding their destruction, causes the bone growth and increases growth in young people up to 26 years (until the closure of areas of growth), strengthens bones, accelerates wound healing. Stimulates re-growth of internal organs (atrophied with age). Reduces body fat. Possesses rejuvenating effect, strengthens the immune system.

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  • Eutropin-LG-Sciences

    Eutropin (Human Growth Hormone) [1 vial of 4iu]

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  • GONA-MAX-Maxtreme

    Gona-max (HCG) [15000iu 3 vial of 5000iu each]

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  • HCG-10000IU-Bharat-Serums

    Hcg 10000iu [1 vial of 10000iu]

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  • HCG-2000IU-Bharat-Serums

    Hcg 2000iu [1 vial of 2000iu]

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  • HCG-5000IU-Bharat-Serums

    Hcg 5000iu [1 vial of 5000iu]

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  • HGH-36IU-Eli-Lilly

    Hgh 36iu (Human Growth Hormone) [1 pen of 36iu]

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  • HMG-150IU-Karma

    Hmg 150iu (Human Growth Hormone) [1 vial of 150iu]

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    Insulin 100iu injection (Human Growth Hormone) [1 vial of 100iu]

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  • SOMA-MAX-Maxtreme

    Soma-max (Human Growth Hormone) [100iu 10 vial of 10iu each]

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